About Company

About Company

We’re experienced firmamentglobeshippinglogistic transport professionals who pride ourselves on our ability to offer care, safety, and reliability to our customers, their packages and pets. We provide expert pets and Cargos transport services locally and internationally, and we ensure dogs, cats, and many other pets and packages are transported safely and securely during a move or relocation.

What we do

We have over 15 years of experience: providing pet services both domestic and international, participating in multiple dog shows, and consulting on pet transportation and canine frozen semen transport. We provide service to kennels who have sold pets and to families that are relocating. Also we offer special agreements to Local Governments and Non-Profit Shelters to help the adopted pets arrives happily to the new home
Cargo Delivery
Cars, and Containers

Why Ship with us

Traveling should be an easy and enjoyable experience for everyone—including our animal passengers.

Protection, Care & Comfort
Firmament globe shipping logistic is committed to the safe and reliable transport of all animals in our care. We are the only airline with an experienced veterinarian on staff. Throughout transport, our trained ground handlers offer personalized care, and our Cargo Control Center agents actively track every step of the animal’s journey. Temperature-controlled vans and holding areas in select stations prevent exposure to extreme temperatures.