Air Freight

Air Freight

Air transport is one of the fastest modes of public transport which connects international boundaries. Air transport allows people from different countries to cross international boundaries and travel other countries for personal, business, medical, and tourism purposes. Animals, pets, Birds and Goods(Cargo) are not left out.

What types of air transport are there?
  • Combi aircraft: these carry passengers in the cabin and goods in the hold. The most well-known are those built by Airbus and Boeing.
  • Cargo aircraft: they exclusively transport goods.
  • Super transporters: aircraft designed to transport large goods.

Is it safe for pets to fly

Flying your pet is as safe as flying yourself. However, pets are required to have a health certificate to fly. This health certificate is issued by a veterinarian a week before travel which means that potential health risks are assessed, greatly reducing illness incidents.

Example Estimate: Flying one small dog (like a Chihuahua) domestically via cargo with a pet-friendly airline and pet Nanny will likely cost between $275 USD to $300 USD. Larger dogs’ airfreight (like a Great Dane) can go up to around $600-1000 USD for a domestic move, especially if you have a custom kennel.

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